dimanche 11 novembre 2007

TV Journal Assignment # 4

In this tv show I am Marie I surprised my family with the news that I am treating them all to a two week vacation in Rome . Everybody loves the idea – except Raymond , my son. I think it’s virtually impossible not to enjoy a vacation in a country as beautiful as Italy ;but, if anyone can manage it , Raymond can . Not willing to let his sour mood spoil it for the rest of the family , Debra , my daughter –in-law ,Frank my husband ,Robert my other son , my grandchildren and me, of course , went in our merry way and soak up the atmosphere ,sights ,smells and tastes of the city of love and we try to ignore Raymond .Meanwhille , Robert met the girl of his dreams –she’s stunningly beautiful , unbelievably sexy and she works in a gelato shop

mercredi 26 septembre 2007



«Everybody Loves Raymond » , is a series that I chose and I think it is very funny and a really good TV show . It helped me to understand the language and on the other side is a series that makes you feel confortable and relaxed while you watch it ,maybe after a hard day. It makes you laugh all the time . There are a lot of characters . First of all , there is Raymond , who is a newspaper sportswriter from Lynbrook ,who lives with wife Debra, and their children ,Ally , the daughter and the twin sons , Michael and Geoffrey. There is also Ray`s parents and his brother Robert .


Ray wanted to teach Debra a lesson about leaving home at time because she, like all women, is always late . They were supposed to go next day to a party at Ray’s job. They planed that is no way were going to be late, and Debra promised to be ready on time. The next day everything was right. Debra was ready, but the hair-waiver was stuck in her hair. At the door ray was watching his watch. When it was 6 .30 sharp Ray leaved the house without knowing about Debra’s problem. He went alone to the party .At the house Deb was shocked when she found out that Ray left

mercredi 29 août 2007

Hello , how are you?